F/2 Algae Food


The standard media for algae growth, prepared after Guillard’s (1975) formulation. Super concentrated, easy-to-use liquid form for accurate dispersion. Eliminates the time required for weighing numerous minerals and trace elements. No more need to be purchasing large quantities of chemicals and tying resources in inventory. By having an already made formula allows the aquaculturist to devote precious time to culturing organisms, not using an analytical balance. Our special formulation in two solutions (Solution “A” and Solution “B”), keeping separate vitamins from trace elements, allows for storage without the decomposition of vitamins or precipitation of trace elements. For the culture of diatoms Sodium metasilicate should be added. One gallon of F/2 algae food requires 870 g of metasilicate.

This two part favorite uses Guilliard’s 1957 formula. The perfect media for Algae, Biodiesel Algae or Algae Cultures. Concentrated, easy to use, and contains all the necessary trace elements and minerals.

F/2 Algae Food – Guaranteed Analysis