PHYTO2 Live Phytoplankton features an exclusive process of Amino-Acid Enrichment. More vibrant Reds, vivid Blues and electric Greens are achieved through specific color enhancing compounds featured in the newly formulated live PHYTO2. . The bio-diversity of multiple species with the advantages of monoculture with the convenience of one pack.

PHYTO2 Multi-Packs are our most popular reef aquarium supplement. Utilizing osmotic pressurization, Aqua-Tech Co. has enriched its Live Phytoplankton products with 15 Amino-Acids in the ratios found in wild scleractinian coral. This places the Amino’s right in the food for heterotrophic feeding! This is the first time this is available in a live food.

PHYTO2 is a nutritious planktonic feed designed to fulfill the natural food cycle of the sea within your aquarium. Containing lab cultured microalgae cells harvested at their highest nutritional value, PHYTO2 prvides a natural and nutritious food source for copepods, amphipods, coral and clams. PHYTO2 is the only retail available monoculture featuring species specific strains of Tetraselmi, Isochrysis, Symbiodinium, Nannochloropsis, .

  • Species specific packaging – multiple bottles of single species microalgae
  • Aquaculture quality
  • NOW Amino-Enriched
  • Longer shelf life and no foul smell
  • No preservatives, only fresh clean microalgae