PRO Super Salt Concentrate



Fritz Super Salt Concentrate is a complete sea salt mix minus the sodium chloride.

Fritz Super Salt Concentrate is a research grade reef salt that contains all the natural trace elements and buffers found in natural sea water. When mixed with the appropriate amount of sodium chloride, Fritz Super Salt Concentrate provides proper specific gravity (salinity of 34-36 PPT. or 1.020 to 1.023 at 75ºF). This unique salt comes in a semi-liquid (gel) form. The drying in other salt processing separates out necessary trace elements and buffers; the drying process can also cause non-uniform batches and higher impurity levels. Fritz’s semi-liquid form and pre-dissolving process ensures uniform batches  and even distribution of trace elements without the quality problems associated with other salts.

Super Salt Concentrate requires the end-user to add readily available sodium chloride; cutting down on shipping costs.

Contains no phosphates. Water mixes crystal clear without any discoloration.

Important Notes

While this product is available to hobbyists, it is primarily targeted at aquaculture – people who would use large volumes of sea salt at one time. The idea is to provide significant savings in shipping costs by providing the concentrate which is mixed with sodium chloride (which can be bought locally).

  • While it is possible to mix smaller quantities of sea salt from the Fritz Super Salt Concentrate, you must be very careful to thoroughly mix the contents of the bucket. The heavier elements such as calcium and magnesium sink to the bottom.
  • The Fritz Super Salt Concentrate comes as a semi-liquid gel to aid in rapid mixing.
  • Be very careful about the sodium chloride mix you use – it must be pure sodium chloride with no anti-caking agents. The anti-caking agents that are used in many bulk sodium chlorides can be toxic to fish and invertebrates.