Zoo2 contains live copepods, Tigriopus californicus, an attractive and nutritious live food for all tiny & small carnivorous reef fish and invertebrates. This live planktonic diet is a great choice for finicky reef inhabitants such as pipefish, mandarinfish, seahorses and most coral.

Copepods are tiny crustaceans found in almost every body of water around the world. Second only to krill, marine copepods are the largest source of protein in the ocean and full of essential fatty acids. Copepods eat microscopic algae, algae, bacteria, diatoms, and microbes, making them a very beneficial addition to the reef aquarium. Once the water temperature has been equalized, bottled copepods may be added directly to the aquarium or refugium to boost your natural population, or used as a food source for fish and invertebrates.

If using them as a food source and keeping them in the bottle for an extended period of time, remove the lid to increase oxygen in the water and put them in a 40°F refrigerator. At this temperature, they will go into hibernation and require very little oxygen or food. Alternatively, store the bottle in a cool place with the lid removed and feed them a few drops of Phytoplankton twice a week.

Recommended as a large target feed. Approximately 300-500 animals. Aqua-Tech Zoo2 is available in 8oz and 16 oz jar. To ensure peak quality, keep refrigerated and occasionally vent lid.