• Premium Ceramic Filter Media
  • Promotes & Hosts Nitrifying Bacteria
  • Establishes a Stable Bio-Filter
  • High Flow-Through Design

About BioDome

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FritzZyme BioDome ceramic filter media is essential for increasing the surface area for nitrifying bacteria to colonize and reduce buildup of toxic ammonia and nitrite. Its compact size and shape allows for more surface area in less volume, while still allowing free water flow through the media reducing buildup and clogging. FritzZyme BioDome have 80-90% porosity and an effective surface area: 2250 m2/L When used in high flow areas of the aquarium, FritzZyme BioDome promotes establishment of nitrifying bacteria like FritzZyme nitrifiers to reduce ammonia and nitrite. When used in low flow areas of the aquarium, FritzZyme BioDome promotes establishment of heterotrophic bacteria, like those found in FritzZyme 360 and 460 to naturally reduce nitrates and phosphates.

Surface Area:
Per dome 75 m2 or 807 ft2
Per 1L bag 2250 m2 or 24218 ft2
Approximately 1.75” x 1.75” x 1.75” each

Directions & Dosage

Rinse desired amount of media with dechlorinated water to remove dust. Place FritzZyme BioDome in a high flow area of filter or sump to improve ammonia and nitrite reduction; do not overcrowd. For increased nitrate and phosphate reduction, place FritzZyme BioDome in a lower flow area of the filter and sump.

For new systems: use FritzZyme BioDome along with FritzZyme TurboStart to rapidly establish a healthy bio-filter.


Size Treats Item Number
3 L varies 58809



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