FritzPond Complete

  • Detoxifies Chlorine, Chloramines, and Heavy Metals

  • Detoxifies Ammonia, Nitrite, Helps Reduce Nitrate

  • Does Not Affect pH

  • Economical, Concentrated Formula

  • Safe for all plants and aquatic life

About FritzPond Complete

FritzPond Complete is a concentrated, one-step, full-spectrum water conditioner that detoxifies chlorine, chloramine, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Safe to use with all pond fish, plants and turtles. Use when setting up new ponds, performing water changes or to quickly alleviate high ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.

Directions & Dosage

Use 5 mL (1 tsp) per 50 U.S. gallons (189 L). Each cup treats 2,400 gallons.

  • For best results, add FritzPond Complete to tap water in a separate container before adding water to aquarium.
  • No equipment restrictions necessary
  • No contraindications: can be used with all of our other products and meds
  • A sulfur odor is normal and dissipates rapidly after use
  • Easy measuring: the 4 oz, 8 oz and 16 oz bottle caps are approximately 5 mL volume
  • Ensure plenty of water flow or aeration when dosing. Avoid overdosing or frequent dosing if possible.
  • Overdosed? Observe livestock for distress, perform small water changes if needed
  • Test with: chlorine test kit, salicylate-type ammonia test kit (those with yellow/green color charts) and avoid Nessler-type ammonia test kits (those with yellow/amber color charts)
  • NOTE: If treating pond for ammonia, nitrite or nitrate, base dose on total pond volume. For extremely high levels of chloramine or nitrite, dosage can be repeated or increased up to 5x within a 24-hour period.


Size Treats Item Number
16 oz / 473 mL 4,800 gal / 18,170 L 23016
32 oz / 946 mL 9,600 gal / 36,340 L 23032
1 gal / 3.78 L 38,400 gal / 145,360 L 23128
5 gal / 19 L 192,000 gal / 726,800 L 23640



See below for frequently asked questions regarding FritzPond Complete.

  • Can this be overdosed?

    The dosage of FritzPond Complete Water Conditioner can be increased by up to 5x the recommended amount. If a higher dose is added to the tank, ensure the aquarium is well aerated and monitor the dissolved oxygen levels.

  • Can I use this in an aquarium?

    Yes, it is safe to use in an aquarium. However, due to its concentrated formula, extra care must be taken not to overdose. We recommend it for water volumes of 50 gallons minimum.

  • How long should I wait after treating water to add to tank?

    Treated water can be added to the pond immediately after mixing with FritzPond Complete.

  • Should I worry about nitrate?

    Although nitrate does not represent a direct health threat to most fish, high levels are still undesirable. Apart from encouraging unsightly algal growth, it is now believed that high nitrate levels are implicated in some fish diseases. In nature, the fate of most nitrate would be assimilation by plants to produce organic nitrogen compounds as part of the nitrogen cycle. Nitrates are removed from the aquarium by regular water changes.

  • Can I use this with Aquarium Solutions Ich-X?

    Aquarium Solutions Ich-X contraindicates sulfinate- and sulfoxylate-based water conditioners with their product. Which Fritz water conditioners are safe?

    Fritz Guard - SAFE; this is a thiosulfate conditioner and won't affect the medication

    Fritz ACCR - NOT SAFE; this is a sulfinate-based conditioner and can affect the medication

    Fritz Complete - NOT SAFE; this is a sulfoxylate-based conditioner and can affect the medication

    Fritz Concentratred Chlorine Remover - SAFE; this is a thiosulfate conditioner and won't affect the medication

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