FritzZyme® MONSTER 360

  • No Need for Refrigeration

  • Two Year Shelf Life

  • Freshwater Specific Formula

  • Great for Use After Maintenance

  • Easy Dosing

  • Works in Every Type of System

  • Can Be Used with All Other FritzZyme Products

About FritzZyme® MONSTER 360

Naturally Reduce Organics

Powerful probiotic blends of naturally-occurring heterotrophic bacteria specifically chosen for their ability to quickly digest organic sludge common in aquariums. Sludge includes fish waste, leftover food and other decaying organic matter. When left unchecked, sludge can lead to unsightly algae growth. Rather than relying on freshwater bacteria to treat both fresh and saltwater, Fritz Industries has identified the species that naturally occur and perform best for each environment. FritzZyme® Monster 360 contains only species of bacteria native to freshwater. The bacteria in FritzZyme® Monster 360 is safe, non-toxic and non-pathogenic.

Quality and Value

Using FritzZyme® Monster 360 biological aquarium cleaner as a part of regular maintenance will greatly reduce the need for substrate cleaning and water changes, as well as prolong the life of filter media. FritzZyme® Monster 360 bacteria will rapidly digest waste, eliminate foul odors, and improve water clarity, promoting a clean, clear, and healthy aquarium. 

Extra Power for Big Fish

FritzZyme® Monster 360 contain a highly concentrated blend of bacteria specifically selected for keepers of monster fish. Keeping the environments of these particular species clean and healthy can be challenging.

FritzZyme® Monster 360 contains freshwater specific species of beneficial bacteria and is the perfect maintenance product for keepers of freshwater monster fish including arowana, oscars, flower horn cichlids, sting rays, piranha, as well as heavily stocked tanks like African cichlid aquariums. FritzZyme® Monster 360 as part of a regular maintenance program will help lengthen the time between water changes, prolong filter media life, and help keep water crystal clear.

Directions & Dosage

Initial dose: Use 5 mL (1 tsp) per 25 US gallons (95 L). Maintenance dosing: Use 5 mL (1 tsp) per 50 US gallons (190 L) after regular maintenance, or at the interval of your choice. For a large livestock system or systems with heavy bioload, new system dosage may be safely increased up to 5x.

  • For best results, add directly to aquarium in an area of high flow
  • All chlorine and chloramines must be removed from water before adding FritzZyme® Monster 360
  • Maintain adequate water flow or aeration
  • Discontinue use of skimmer and UV sterilizers for at least 48 hours after application
  • No contraindications: can be used with all of our other products and meds
  • Safe for use with all species, including plants and invertebrates
  • Safe to add directly into a tank with livestock present
  • Variations of odor and color between bottles is normal, a strong sulfur smell does not mean the bacteria are dead
  • Overdosed? Heterotrophic bacteria are very safe even if overdosed. Observe for any distress, increase aeration and perform small water changes if necessary


Size Treats Item Number
16 oz / 473 mL 4,730 gal / 17,905 L 75016
32 oz / 946 mL 9,460 gal / 35,810 L 75032
1 gal / 3.78 L 37,840 gal / 143,240 L 75128



See below for frequently asked questions regarding FritzZyme® MONSTER 360.

  • I received my product mail order and it was frozen! Is it still good?

    Yes, these heterotrophic bacteria form spores which can survive freezing. Let the product defrost gradually, shake well and use as directed.

  • Will FritzZyme® 360 & 460 kill algae?

    Not directly. What the bacteria in FritzZyme® will do is compete with algae for the organic nutrients that act as a fertilizer for algae. Thus, over several months, you will see algae growth gradually recede and become less of a nuisance. However, if you have extreme algae growth in your aquarium when you start to use the FritzZyme® products, you will likely have to take other measures to reduce algae in the aquarium.

  • What happens if I overdose this product?

    Nothing negative. These bacteria are beneficial and naturally occurring and won’t harm anything and unless there was a truly massive overdose (20x or more) there will be no problems. The bacterial populations will only be as large as can be supported by the food source, so the worst that happens is they die back to levels that are sustainable.

  • Can FritzZyme® 360 & MONSTER 360 be used in saltwater aquariums?

    Yes, you can use FritzZyme® 360 & MONSTER 360 in saltwater aquariums, but it will not be as effective as FritzZyme® 460 & MONSTER 460 which contains saltwater-specific heterotrophic bacteria.

  • Does this product replace water changes?

    No. Over time, you will find that you can reduce water changes but this product is not intended to replace water changes. Your test kits (nitrate in particular) will indicate when you need water changes.

  • I added your product a couple of days ago, and I don’t see any difference! There’s still sludge everywhere in my aquarium!

    FritzZyme® introduces beneficial heterotrophic bacteria into your aquarium. When added to the aquarium, these bacteria are still in protective spore form. On entering the aquarium, they emerge from spore form but still need time to settle on a surface area and form colonies before getting to work. That’s why we recommend turning off UV sterilizers, etc. for 48 hours after adding. Even after forming colonies, it takes time for the bacteria to reduce the waste in the aquarium. Most users report improvement within two weeks and significant improvement over the course of a month.

  • Can I use more FritzZyme® MONSTER 360 than what is directed?

    Yes, the dosage on FritzZyme® MONSTER 360 is a general guideline, you can use more or less depending on the amount of fish you have in your particular system.

  • Will FritzZyme 360/460 eliminate nitrates and phosphates in my aquarium?

    Not directly. However, they do consume organics that become nitrates in the aquarium, this slowing the accumulation of nitrates.

  • Why must FritzZyme® 360/460 and MONSTER 360/460 be added to the aquarium on a regular basis? With FritzZyme® 7 & 9, I add it once and I’m done!

    This is a great question, and it is a little complex to answer because it varies from aquarium to aquarium. Each person’s aquarium will have slightly different chemical and biological composition and ecology. Some factors in play are: *Other bacteria species prey on the heterotrophs in FritzZyme® requiring the addition of more colonies over time. *As food levels (organics) are reduced by the bacteria in FritzZyme®, they die back somewhat. But the aquarist is constantly adding more nutrients to the aquarium in the form of food for fish. Adding more FritzZyme® keeps population levels relatively stable in the aquarium. *Power outages, medication usage and aquarium moves all impact bacterial populations. *Changes in the amount of livestock in the aquarium increase waste levels.

  • What about sludge removers?

    Sludge removers are not necessary in new systems because there is no organic material for them to break down. However, in established systems, they are beneficial; they will break down the organic material trapped in the biofilter. This trapped material cuts down the flow of oxygen-rich water to the nitrifying bacteria “the real workhorses of the aquarium.” Fritz offers sludge remover, FritzZyme® 360, a freshwater biological aquarium cleaner, for this purpose. Thus you can provide nitrifying bacteria and sludge removing bacteria as needed in your system.

  • Will Maracyn or another Fritz product work on cyanobacteria?

    Health Canada has taken Erythromycin of the pet store shelves. I have used it to treat cyanobacteria (“blue-green algae”) in the past with unfailing success. Can you please advise if Maracyn or another Fritz product will work on cyanobacteria.

    The only product we have that can be sold in Canada is our FritzZyme 360 & 460. These are biological products that will compete with cyano.  Although not a quick fix like Erythromycin, using as a regular part of maintenance will help prevent cyano breakouts.

  • What other products may be used with FritzZyme®?

    Chlorine must be removed before adding FritzZyme® (chlorine kills bacteria). FritzGuard® or Fritz Chlorine Remover may be used for this purpose. Fritz pH blocks for pH control, Fritz Super Salt for marine systems, Fritz Super Clarifier and Fritz Trace Elements may also be used without any adverse effect to the biofilter.

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