• Variety packs to determine your fish’s favorite
  • Naturally occurring organic algaes
  • High in proteins and micronutrients
  • Sold in barrier pouches protected from U.V. light
  • Fun to watch animals chomp them down!

About Seagreens

Seagreens is produced from natural macro-algae based seaweed. A necessary diet for any herbivorous marine specimen. These nutritious sheets outperform terrestrial-based vegetables because they are made from sea greens that marine animals eat in the wild. Super nutritious, natural green seaweed sheets are ideal for marine herbivores such as tangs and surgeonfish. Also great for clownfish, urchins, snails and crabs.

Directions & Dosage

Take one or two sheets and secure inside the aquarium with a seaweed clip or rubber band to a rock for natural grazing behavior. If any seaweed is remaining after six hours, remove from aquarium. Feed approx. 3 times per week.


Size Treats Item Number
39 gram green nori N/A 32770
58 gram mixed nori (red and green) N/A 32771



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