MARDEL Remedies

Quick Cure
Fast Relief for Ick and Protozoan Parasited Effectively Treats Ick, Mild Fluke Outbreaks, Protozoan Parasites, Costia, Chilodonella, Trichodina QuICK Cure® is a scientifically formulated liquid medication that cures ick in two days and cures lymphocystis in one week. For both fresh and saltwater use Ingredients – Formalin, Malachite Green
For the treatment and control of visible parasites that cause symptoms of gasping for air, rapid breathing, flicking, listless behavior and excess mucus production.
Maracyn Oxy
For infections of: True fungal infections on fish and eggs (whitish tufts of cotton-like material) and bacterial diseases. Maracyn®Oxy successfully controls fungus infections caused by Saprolegnia, Icthyosporidium, egg fungus and related species, and common bacterial infections. It slowly releases small amounts of a stabilized oxygen-chlorine combination which, when used as directed, has an unusual ability […]
Maracyn Plus
Maracyn® Plus (Freshwater/Saltwater) solution For infections of: Fin and Tail Rot, Popeye, Mouth fungus, Dropsy (swollen body, protruding scales) and ulcers. Maracyn® Plus contains two powerful antibiotics, Trimethoprin and a Sulfonamide. Biospheres® products make use of a revolutionary technology that delivers the antibiotic directly to the fish. Multi-layered microspheres attach to the fish and break […]
Chelated Copper Treatment for the Infections of: Ich Flukes (Gyrodactylus) Anchor worms Velvet/Protozoan diseases other external parasites. Coppersafe® solution remains active for over one month in the aquarium. It is a safe, stable, non-staining concentrate that does not color aquarium water. Be sure to add Coppersafe® solution to replacement water when water changes are made. This […]
Maracyn Two
Provides Relief from Bacterial Infections in Fresh and Salt Water Aquariums Fin & Tail Rot Popeye Dropsy For infections of: Fin and Tail Rot, Popeye, Gill Disease, Dropsy (swollen body, protruding scales), Septicemia (bleeding or red streaks on body), secondary and internal infections. Maracyn®Two powder is a broad-spectrum antibiotic (minocycline) developed for use in aquariums. […]
Provides Relief from Bacterial Infections in Fresh and Salt Water Aquariums Body Fungus Gill Disease Popeye Maracyn® is a specially compounded broad-spectrum antibiotic (erythromycin) which has been shown to be effective against a number of pathogenic bacteria associated with ornamental fish disease. It was developed for complete but gradual dissolution in water. It is primarily […]
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